A Little Kpop Never Hurt Nobody…

The K-pop world can be a crazy one! From navigating through fan wars to avoiding scalpers and everything in-between, it can be a little overwhelming. Newbie or K-pop veteran we could all use a little advice and a lot of love and support from fellow fans. This is where I come in, your local Kpop companion ready to help!

  • Need advice for your first concert?
  • Need an opinion on buying or selling merch?
  • Want to share thoughts on scandals?
  • Want to be in touch with someone involved in multiple fandoms with a deep love and appreciation for all artists?
  • Have K-beauty questions related to products and trends?
  • Just want to see an adorable cat because you feel down?

I’m you’re gal!

The wonderful world of Kpop is magical and you’re bound to meet some amazing people from all over the globe. Sharing experiences and opinions are wanted and encouraged as long as they are respectful! Welcome to the family, I promise not all of us bite.

Instagram: asiankitty_kat

Twitter: asiankittykatt

YouTube: (coming soonish???)


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