Regarding LAY

With EXO’s comeback nearing ever faster I am sure many OT9 fans are in different states of emotions. While the teasers are looking gorgeous and the songs all sounding great, we can’t help but notice something or someone missing. As we all should know by now (unless SM decides to give us a great surprise and pull Yixing out of nowhere) our beloved unicorn is not participating in this comeback. Many of us assumed that SM meant the promotions, but as teaser after teaser is released we sadly acknowledged Lay’s absence. IT seems Lay will not only miss promotions, but will not be on the album at all nor in the MV.  Should we be upset? Should we boycott the comeback? Will SM ever give us an answer to why Lay couldn’t have at least been in the album (probably not) ? Lay does not have to be present to record his parts for the songs (lets be honest with SM’s line distributions he probably wouldn’t have many to begin with) but we know he did fly to Korea around the time the MV was being filmed. Did he come back for the MV and SM snubbed him? Did he comeback to discuss EXO’s comeback? I guess we wont know for sure until something is officially released, if it is at all. This is beginning to seem like an end for some fans, and I’m sure we can all agree EXO-Ls have a right to be worried.


First we have to trust Yixing. Remember that he has told us countless times that he will not leave EXO. He promotes EXO in China often and does not forget he is a member of EXO.

Although time passes, there is a word I cannot express,
sinking down in my heart.
I’m sorry’ ‘I love you
asking you to believe in me like this time
I will hug you and hold your hands
If I am able to express my heart,
I will devote myself to you.

— EXO “Promise”

Remember that Lay helped compose this song, and it’s other title is (EXO 2014) which any EXO-L will know was our toughest year. Looking at the lyrics we see our boys telling us that they will continue on as one, as EXO. Thanking us for staying with them and apologizing for any disappointment.  They didn’t have to make this song, but they wanted to show us that EXO will always be one and that we should know that as their fans.

Secondly, remember that politics play a huge role, even in entertainment. Politically S. Korea and China relations are rocky.  I am not sure how much SM can really dictate  in regards to the tensions between the two countries, and Sm is a company. Follow the money. Keeping Lay in China means a bigger audience and more revenue. Before Yixing became popular in China, many Chinese fans were uncertain of him and of EXO. When Yixing became more prominent in China EXO as a whole gained more respect from Chinese fans, we can see that with this comeback. Lay in China is an advantageous move on SM’s part and they may want to keep it this way. Lay has a studio in China and has his own schedules which is often why he misses concerts and promotions. He is Chinese and he has every right to want to promote and show love to his Chinese fans. We should not blame him for this. Yixing is doing more than he probably could in Korea and this only showcases EXO and Yixing better.

So what should we do as fans?

Let’s remember that this comeback is very important! SM promotes their more popular groups as it brings them more money. Kpop is an industry, money makes the business. If SM sees EXO lose steam they may not be as likely to give them another comeback. As Military service is quickly approaching, we want every opportunity for EXO to comeback as OT9 again possible. Show this comeback lots of love as we would any other comeback. DON’T FORGET ABOUT LAY!!! There are projects in the working to show SM we still support EXO as OT9. For Lay’s birthday we are trying to get both his solo MV’s What U Need? and Lose Control to 10M views before his Birthday on October 7th. Also remember to support his solo on SM STATION Monodrama. EXO-Ls are also planning on a hashtag project for Lay before the new MV drops. July 17th 11-12 AM KST or the day before the rumored comeback ( July 18th) trend the hashtags #LAYthewar, and #kokoxing and tag @weareoneEXO. This is to support OT9 and show SM that even if they don’t think it is important, leaving out a member is not an option. Spread the word.

Don’t forget to show this comeback a lot of love and support. We want SM to give EXO another comeback with all members.


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