Fake Hate, Artificial Love.. When People Use Kpop For Attention.

It is easy to make quick assumptions about people and even quicker to hate something you don’t understand. I have seen a lot of anti-fans turn into hardcore stans so it isn’t impossible! Yet hating on a group without actually listening to them or doing any research on them is not only stupid but can make you look like quite the idiot. It’s easy to use a big name of a popular artist to grab attention and after finally getting onto twitter I have found that out completely. Recently some guy on twitter has been coming after EXO, a lot of his points about why he doesn’t like EXO are quite biased and idiotic. I am not saying the guy has to like EXO, listen to their music, or apologize for not like them. You can be your own person and like and dislike to your own fancy, but if you deliberately hate and bash on a group for no reason then sorry but you get no pity from me.

A certain someone has been tweeting about EXO recently but his tweets don’t seem very consistent.  going through his tweets a few days ago you could see tweets like

” I don’t even need to listen to Exo’s music to know I hate it. I really don’t”

As well as other tweets saying EXO copies 1D ( One Direction) and that EXO doesn’t hold any talent. he Has also stated disrespectful things such as EXO only has a few “young and stupid fans”. Of course after his tweeting EXO-Ls have been coming after him and it isn’t hard to understand why. He has bashed on EXO for no reason but ‘disliking their music’ and also insulted the EXO-L fandom. After EXO-Ls started using hashtags aimed to evict him from Big Brother ( a T.V. show he apparently is supposed to take part of) he seemingly has changed his mind. a tweet from him now says:

 “I just started listening to a new band called Exo they are really good”


Now I cant find his original tweets about EXO ( I still have pictures tho) or the tweets at him calling him out for being so disrespectful. It seems a bit odd doesn’t it? It isn’t like you cannot change your mind about something you once did not like. I am not saying after he gave EXO a chance he didn’t find that he was wrong. I just find it funny however that after he was so sure that he hated EXO, now suddenly he likes them?? Did he tweet about EXO just to see how many fans he could stir up? Looking through his twitter he seems to be very fragile. Tweeting about how upset he is that people are so rude to him on twitter, begging EXO fans to stop tweeting at him and threatening to write down peoples usernames to give to the police for ‘bullying him’. He seems to hate rude people ( who doesn’t) but then is very rude himself. After being so rude to EXO and EXO-Ls and now suddenly acting like he is super into the group seems a bit sticky. No apology? No tweet saying you were wrong and that you are sorry? BOY PLEASE.

Again it isn’t even like his tweet was simply ‘EXO isn’t my cup of tea’ or ‘I just don’t like EXO’ because no one should get hate for stating an opinion that isn’t even offensive. People are not going to always like the same things you do. We can move on. This was a rant about how much EXO sucks. Just one big letter to EXO telling them how awful their career is going and to EXO-Ls telling them how stupid we are for supporting EXO. I mean I don’t think triple million seller, internationally famous, started form the bottom now we here boyband EXO are doing too bad? I don’t think supporting a hardworking group of guys is bad? Maybe I’m just a young and stupid fan? Please note that defamation is illegal and also defined as:

‘Any intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that harms a person’s reputation; decreases the respect, regard, or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person’ -Merriam Webster Dictionary on defamation.

Not saying this was defamation, but it seems a bit close for comfort. After all EXO is not copying 1D and their career is actually doing very well unlike what his tweets are trying to have you believe. 

It has been a year for kpop. Kpop is gaining more and more popularity and yet we still see people bashing on idols for no reason other than attention. What makes it worse is when they flip the script and act like they love/respect these bands without any apology or regard for their words towards the artists or fans. It is okay to make mistakes and it is okay to like something you originally didn’t. It is not okay to disrespect hard working artists and their fans for nothing but attention. It is not okay to think you can say whatever you want and be forgiven that easily, especially when you have done nothing to make up for the unnecessary hate you’ve been giving.

A little advice

  1. If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it.
  2. If you must say it then think hard about the consequences. People will come after you if you offend them that’s just human nature.
  3. If you cant handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen. If you are unable to handle people coming after you…Don’t start stuff?
  4. Don’t be fake. People will be able to see right through you. It can damage your image and reputation and career. Isn’t it better just to live your life without being so disrespectful? This stuff can haunt you.

You really don’t have to like kpop or anything you don’t want to like. We are human and we are different, we will like and dislike different things all the time. The problem is being disrespectful is never the way to go. So if You genuinely have gotten into EXO then I am still expecting some sort of explanation for your previous hate towards them and the EXO-L fandom. If you haven’t then please leave. IMG_5558

We don’t need fake hate because it just stirs the pot, we don’t need your artificial love because we have plenty of real love to spare. Take Your hypocritical self and find the nearest exit. Thanks.



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