On Voting

With award season in full swing I know that things are becoming pretty tense. I’ve seen so many arguments over who should win awards and why, are you tired of it too? At the end of the day, win or lose these groups hold talent and will still receive love and support from fans. It is important to note that these groups are humble and win and lose gracefully. As fans it is our job to support them and represent them, because they represent us don’t they? If they suddenly began hating on other groups, or disrespecting people wouldn’t we take a few steps back from them? Remember that winning is great, but being happy and healthy is the best for our lovely idols and for ourselves. Whatever happens in the next few months remember that for every winner there have to be “losers”. But losing doesn’t make you bad just as winning doesn’t make you good.

While on the subject please keep in mind that there are many many many reasons to why fans don’t vote. Please don’t disrespect members of your own fandom for not voting. Turning on each other does not help any cause and will only make your fandom look rude. If a fandom cannot respect it’s own members, then how can they be expected to respect anyone at all? We must put on a good image for our idols, we want to make them proud right? Being respectful and humble will make them more proud than us giving them an award won by trampling over other people. 

For all my fellow multi-fandom fans ❤ I know award times can be hard but remember that voting for one group over another doesn’t make you less of a fan, choosing not to vote does not mean your turning your back on a group or fandom. 

Good luck to all groups in the running for awards big and small! And for those of you who do vote don’t give up you can do this! 


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