If you couldn’t tell I am a proud mom of 1 adorable cat. Sunmi is a 2 year old calico we adopted from the Humane Society. When we first met I knew she was the cat for me. She was almost 3 pounds underweight and was just the tiniest thing you would ever see. She had already had kittens at only 9 months old and had been on the streets when they found her. Despite all of this she came into the play room so determined to meet me. She rubbed against our legs and let us gently pick her up and hold her. I admired her personality, she had every right to be a crabby cat who loathed being around people but she wasn’t. As I looked into her eyes I noticed she had an eye freckle, it was the prettiest thing I had ever seen. My mom joked that the cat and I had the same hair (at the time my hair had bits of orange blonde and brown in it due to bleaching) and I fell in love. On the way home I named her Sunmi because I liked the way it sounded (Also if you know Sunmi you know she’s a beautiful queen and yes my cat is named after a k-idol).I mostly call her Le bébé because she acts like a giant baby all the time and I took French in high school. she also likes being held like a baby, cradled in your arms and in a perfect position to receive lots of attention.

There are a few reasons why I really enjoy cats. Firstly Cats do not always seek companionship the way dogs do. Don’t get me wrong I love dogs   Cats also require less physical work. I have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, so I wouldn’t be the greatest person to count on walking a dog. Sunmi didn’t mind if I was too upset to play with her, she would just lie with me and watch me cry sometimes. It was nice to be able to cry in front of someone who didn’t need to know why I was crying. It’s hard to tell if she cared that much, I like to think she does care but is the stoic tsundere type. After coming home from months away at university she often ignores me, but soon she curls up by my side in my room and cries when I leave here alone.

Sunmi really likes to pretend that she owns the house. In a way she kind of does. I don’t mind too much. She’s too cute to scold. I think I will end up being a cat lady at this point in my life. I really do adore my cat more than I do humans. That’s normal right? Sunmi also enjoys sleeping on my side of the bed and hogging pillows. Again, too cute to stay mad at. What is a girl to do?!?

As crazy as it seems Sunmi doesn’t mind when I blast Kpop in the house when I am all alone. She just watches me dance and sing along, looking far too amused for my liking. I had another cat previously who hated it when I played music. Especially Kpop. I think Sunmi just likes watching me make a fool of myself. aren’t cats just like tiny fuzzy humans? I think so.



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